Mining is one of the industries that most require priority in safety and security.

When it comes to providing solutions for the mining industry, Lintastama has the experience, the expertise and most importantly, the product. Lintastama views each mining environment as a unique challenge and is able to provide powerful custom solutions due to the unique flexibility and scalability of our system.

Our solutions go beyond surveillance in offering a sophisticated management tool that enables operators and managers to function in multi-tiered control.

Our Mining solutions include:

1. Surveillance (IP &  Analog Camera)

Benefits Surveillance System (CCTV) in all countries have become increasingly vital in the public, industrial, office, retail and construction sectors. No longer limited for security purposes, it is seen as an investment that supports business, productivity, operations and raises the value of a company.

Some of the areas of mining cover warehouses, offices, mines and factories which, coupled with supervision, can avoid undesirable situations that could cause the company loss such as theft, workplace accidents or operator error.

We provide solutions for complete surveillance cameras (IP Camera and Analog Camera) to tape storage devices which are commonly called Digital Video Recorder (DVR)/Network Video Recorder (NVR).

The cameras we offer are suitable for mining areas that are in need of strong and resistant products in extreme conditions.

We have several choices and can customise any number channels to suit your needs.

CCTV cameras can replace manpower in supervision since it is impossible to have manpower stationed to manually monitor each mine site.

2. Access Control

Access Control is generally divided into two functions:

- Door Access (Management) which assesses a person's right to enter restricted areas.

- Attendance System which essentially records every employee's attendance.

  Access Control equipment that we provide:
  a. Card Reader
  b. NAV Controller Series

3. Central Management System (CMS)

Surveillance systems today are characterised by the widespread use of CMS or video management systems, and is no longer limited to video camera units and video recorders.

CMS features that we offer:

a. Simultaneous access to any combination of IP, analog and mobile devices up to 10 pages of 8x8 Live View Matrix screens with automatic timer-based page flipping
b. Floating matrix function allow display on multiple monitors to enable wall TV functionality, and supports an unlimited number of monitors (up to OS / Hardware limit)
c. Supports unlimited number of monitors up to Microsoft Windows minimum limit
d. Manual, schedule and event-based recording
e. Supports multiple recording folders and round-robin overwrite schema
f. PTZ controls and digital zooming
g. Bandwidth monitor
h. Time/Event/Smart search
i. User access management
j. GPS tracking
k. Dynamic E-Maps

4. Fire Alarm System

The fire alarm system is an integrated system designed to detect the presence of fire. The alarm provides a warning and evacuation system continued with the automatic or manual installation of the fire extinguishing system. The main equipment in the system controller is the Main Control Fire Alarm (MCFA) or Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) which receives an input signal (Input) of all detectors and components and then gives the signal out (Output) via the component output. 

For mining areas, the fire alarm system will require custom solutions.


5. Smoke & Flame Detection

Our Smoke & Flame Detection is an intelligent vision-based analytics system which can timely detect suspicious incident of smoke or fire from the video sources of HD-SDI, IP and CCTV cameras. The system utilises real-time captured images to quickly intervene, analysing and verifying the characteristics of smoke and fire within seconds. Once the smoke and flames are detected, the system will send alerts to the central monitoring center and push the event notification to the operator's mobile devices within 15 seconds for early warning.

Compared to other smoke and fire detectors, our smoke and flame detection covers wider spaces and longer distances within the camera's field of view. The patented and self-developed vision has algorithm technology, and works with selected cameras. It is able to adjust settings and parameters to better fit difficult, environment conditions for higher accuracy. This makes application to the mining industry easy and seamless.

6. Mobile Camera

In mining sites, many means of transportation such as trucks are used to transport mining products. Employees are apathetic to the unique dangers of the different transportation used such as accidents or incorrect vehicle operation and etcetera.

We have a solution to overcome this problem, namely the Mobile Camera.


a. Providing irrefutable evidence in traffic accidents on the road (date & time, video, collision or G sensors, vehicle direction, speed).
b. Identification of clear cause and effects in car accidents.
c. Reducing the time required to complete an insurance claim.
d. Sufficient supervision when operators are away from their vehicles.
e. Prevention of situations such as hit-and-runs and theft.
f. Control of speed, driving route and driver behaviour.
g. Recording of scenery during drives for personal entertainment.

7. Network Infrastructure

Mining requires adequate network infrastructure in accordance with the conditions of the field. It has become a common for mining with extreme conditions such as gold mines, coal mines and others.

We provide solutions for harsh environments and hardened devices namely:

a. Ethernet Switches
b. Media Converters
c. Ethernet Extenders
d. NIC & Industrial PSUs


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