Home Security is a subject of vital importance to homeowners everywhere. Generally, it involves not only the safeguarding of valuables, but more importantly the safety of your family members and loved ones.

With our solution, consumers can now possess the latest revolutionary smart security system with endless customisation values & features such as video intercom, security guard intercom, data and voice messaging, broadcasting intruder video surveillance, and e-Home control.

Our system not only promises energy saving but also provides remote management and cool user interfaces on smart devices.



Keep your lobby or the entrance of your private home secure. Leave home like you never! See who is trying to gain access to your residence, easily arm or disarm your security system remotely to allow door access for your friends & families.

Example,  the owner of the house was out of the country, there are guests who come to her house. Guests can presses bell and will be sent a notification to the smartphone homeowners and they can communicate with each other using video intercom feature. even further, if the guests is one of the family of the owner of the house, so guests can be allow door access by the owner.

Full protection for your home start from boundaries to indoor such as break-in, intruder, force-entry, fire/ hazard alert, gas leaked alert and S.O.S alert. Example, when someone attempted to approach user’s fencing, it will trigger the alarm and immediately an alert will sent to owner’s smart devices and that’s can be identified by IP cameras.


A smart living is a virtual environment created by the system itself. Throughout our system, visitor management can be done effortlessly, video intercom & voice massage features allow residence to receive an alert on their phone, tablet, or the smart panel. They’ll then be able to both see and hear who’s at the door then talk or even remotely unlock door to the visitor from the comfort of their own seat.


core functionalities (E-home) are to switch lights on and off remotely even turns all lights on when there’s a break-in.

Scenario mode enable to turn on multiple lightings in just 1 touch. Furthermore, user can control home’s air-condition, fan, curtain , stereo and tv remotely when they are on the way home after a long day. 

Just by using your smartphone, you can control motor-operated blinds, set the indoor and outdoor lighting, supervise all activities or simply put, manage all electrical systems within your home or office. Houses with sizeable land area would see more pronounced benefits with our Smart Home technology.

With Smart Home comes smart living.

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