In general, Smart Office is characterised by the use of cutting edge technology. Its style and interior reflect the condition and creativity of its inhabitants, relations and culture-oriented work on the effectiveness and ease of management/control/ evaluation, including safety and security of the office (physically and system wise).

We provide smart office solution, wherein the products we offer include:

  • Smart versatile T&A solution equips either with RFID reader, fingerprint/image recognition or password input. These selective tools provide gate access security and practical utility.
  • Achieve rapid visitor reception through video intercom and mobile app.
  • Comprehensive employee time and attendance information can be quickly obtained; management efficiency of Human Resource is accurately reached.
  • Gate access record information of both staff and visitors are instantly stored and updated timely to the backend system as per company's demand.
  • Wifi-based mobile app supports instant video intercom companywide; both visitor and employee benefit from direct talk and time efficiency
  • Provides WinCE SDK and Wb Service Application Programming Interface (API) enables SI/VAR to achieve quick application development and shorten the time to market.

This solution includes below products:

  1. MT380

Advanced, Versatile T&A Terminal.

       2.  MT800

V&V, T&A Terminal.

       3.  MT700

Online High-End T&A Terminal.

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