All means of transportation will always face threats to their security, safety and comfort; Accidents are prevalent with the growing number of vehicles used publicly and commercially. But what causes accidents? What are the major factors that come into play? In addition to human error, other factors could include technical faults, location, culture, societal habits and the economy.

          From the factors listed above, Lintastama is able to provide solutions to prevent and resolve common problems.

        Our solutions are designed to insulate transportation systems from security threats, providing a safer environment for passengers. Our project consulting is just the beginning; The services we offer are customised to every client and will cover issues such as installation support, configuration, wireless network design, end-user training, and complete site security evaluations to ensure nothing is overlooked. Dovetailed together, our comprehensive security services provide a trustworthy security solution.

         A key selling point for our solutions is that all the equipment can be integrated in a single system called CMS (Central Management System). This would be greatly advantageous for those who have transportation businesses such as car rental services or use public transport such as taxis, buses or trains.

The benefits of transportation video surveillance are as follows

- Provides irrefutable evidence in traffic accidents on the road (date & time, video, collision or G-sensors, vehicle direction, speed)

- Prevents vandalism

- Creates safer environment for passengers

- Provides identification of clear cause & effect in car accidents

- Reduces the time required to complete an insurance claim

- Gives convenient supervision which provides comfort of mind away from your vehicle

- Prevents situations like hit-and-runs or theft

- Supplies helpful information like control of speed, driving routes and driver behaviour

- Records the scenery during the trip for personal consumption


Our transportation solutions include:

  1. Mobile Camera
  2. Mobile DVR
  3. Car Black Box
  4. CMS (Central Management System)
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